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 I just don't understand ...
WebAdmin Caroline Mayne writes :- Hi Folks .. You’re probably wondering why I haven’t updated the site in a while!? .. Well, it’s simple … I struggle to stay ahead of the hackers.

Some people in this world are just interested in breaking stuff; perhaps they’re jealous, maybe just immature kids or they’ve been poisoned to hate all things American. Whatever the reason, I’m addressing you, “Dearest Hackers” - I feel sorry for you; that you have nothing better to do than deface my website and feel the constant need to break it. I’m sorry your life sucks that bad and that your heart is so full of hate! – I do however forgive you and pray you find better purpose in your life!

I’m not racist, sexist or naďve to other religions and faiths - I just love to fly airplanes and share in my interest with other pilots here in the good ol’ U S of A.

Kindest regards, Caroline

Happy, Safe Flying!

Posted by cazz on Wednesday, July 25 @ 18:34:45 CDT (12036 reads)
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WebAdmin 2007! ... Woah - Where does the time go!?
Just to wish you all a Wonderful, Successful and Prosperous New Year, with plenty of Happy, Safe Flying!!

Posted by Cazz on Monday, January 01 @ 00:50:00 CST (12130 reads)
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 Site Updates ...
WebAdmin Caroline writes :- It came to my attention that people were unable to register; attempts resulting in an error.  I also discovered numerous other "bugs" probably as a cause of past hacking!  Soooo, I rebuilt the site yesterday.  The site is using the latest and greatest code and I've managed to migrate the existing database across.  It all seems to be working just fine but your input is always appreciated!

I don't have any real thoughts for improving this USAPILOT.COM and have even considered selling the domain - I don't seem to have much time anymore!  I guess we'll just see, I might surprise you all!!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the site and happy, safe flying to you all!  Caroline

Posted by Cazz on Thursday, August 31 @ 07:20:38 CDT (12186 reads)
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 2006 - Update!!
WebAdmin Hi Folks - I'm sorry for the recent lack of updates to the site! Frankly, I get a little disheartened, when we get hacked and it's always harder to bounce back and inject new resources into the site! My apologies too, for those that have registered in the last six months - My backup database is a little out-of-date.

So, I have made some updates and patches and updated the weather panels. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to contribute your ideas!

Happy, safe flying! Caroline

Posted by Caroline on Friday, February 10 @ 23:15:53 CST (12136 reads)
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 Congratulations Burt Rutan & Staff

Aviation history has been made today!

Around 11am EDT, astronaut, Brian Binnie piloted Spaceship One to 377,591ft, winning the coveted X-Prize and opening the doors to civilian spaceflight!

I'm in tears of joy!

Posted by Caroline on Monday, October 04 @ 11:10:36 CDT (12477 reads)
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 Second SpaceShipOne Launch is GO FOR OCTOBER 4th!

I watched the Discovery Channel special chronicling Burt Rutan's attempt to make private private spaceflight, a reality - I cried!

Here's the latest from xprize.org -

Burt Rutan's Mojave Aerospace Ventures Team successfully reached an altitude of 337,500 feet with Mike Melvill (the pilot) onboard plus ballast (approx. 180 Kg). This flight was deemed by the Judges as a successful first flight for the $10 million Ansari X PRIZE. The X PRIZE has just received official notice from Burt Rutan that SpaceShipOne's second flight (X2) will take place Monday morning, October 4th. Expected flight timeline:
* Takeoff at 7am PT
* Ignition at 8am PT
* Landing at 8:30am PT
* Press Conference to announce official Altitude at 10:30am PT
The entire flight and press conference can be viewed LIVE at www.xprize.org on our global webcast. Ticket are NOW available at http://www.airshownetwork.com/home.html Please spread the word to your friends. Tune in and help us celebrate the birth of the Personal Spaceflight Revolution!

Burt & Crew - USAPILOT.COM will be with you for the this historic flight!

Posted by Caroline on Sunday, October 03 @ 23:37:49 CDT (13308 reads)
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 Hurricane Ivan Tracking

For more information about the status of Hurricane Ivan, go to http://www.tbo.com.

Posted by Caroline on Friday, September 10 @ 21:30:44 CDT (13764 reads)
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 FAA Unveil Sport Pilot Ruling
FAA FAA Administrator Marion Blakey on Tuesday released the Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft rule in an effort to enhance the fun of aviation, help shatter cost barriers, and allow already certificated pilots to fly once again using a driver's license in lieu of a medical certificate. When it goes into effect on September 1, it will introduce a new level of pilot certificate and category of low-performance aircraft with takeoff weights of up to 1,320 pounds and maximum airspeeds of 120 knots. While it could take some time for the industry to fully gear up to produce new airplanes and the FAA to train pilot examiners and draft written tests, the really good news for many AOPA members is that they can be back in the air in a matter of weeks, thanks in large part to AOPA's efforts. "It was important to AOPA that our members who love and support general aviation, but no longer have a current medical, be able to fly again," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "That's why we asked the FAA to make the rule effective quickly, and they responded." For more information and to read a story about an 83-year-old pilot who will be taking full advantage of the initiative, see AOPA Online for full story.
Posted by Caroline on Tuesday, July 27 @ 16:56:42 CDT (14694 reads)
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 Indiana Jones and the Incursion Prevention - Revisited
Harrison Ford   Mr. Harrison Ford talks Runway Safety - Updated

Wow! ... He can talk to me about whatever he wants :-) Check out the FAA's special website for runway safety at http://www.faa.gov/runwaysafety/.

Posted by Caroline on Sunday, April 11 @ 18:28:50 CDT (12433 reads)
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 Update & Sun N Fun 2004
WebAdmin Hi Folks, it's been a while - You know how it is, always trying to juggle life's priorities. Anyhoo a quick update, the weather is working again, however I should advise you, it's not for aviation use!

Don't forget Sun N Fun, Lakeland, FL this year ... I hope to see a few of you there. Take care and Happy, Safe Flying!
Posted by Caroline on Thursday, March 25 @ 19:59:47 CST (12717 reads)
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